If this community's still alive... :)

I'm writing a (french) fanfic about Cameron and I need an information about her husband, I know he died from thyroid cancer but... I can't remember his name ^^". Can someone help me?

Also, I red you were searching for someone to customize the community, if you still do, well I'm not a professional but it would be a pleasure to help : ]
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Come join the newest House RPG on the block! Main characters still need taking, so if you want to try your hand at Chase, Foreman, Cuddy, Wilson, or any of the other cast, swing by and introduce yourself!!!

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Cameron is the most debated over character in House. Period. I was going to say "after House himself", but you actually hear more about her then anything when it comes to drama and debate. But we never or rarely hear about/debate over:

House: Emotional immaturity [this is talked about a lot but it's always an "oh, House <3" thing], poor decision making, selfishness, excuses, hypocricy

Wilson: Cheating on his wife [again, a tap on the wrist]

Cuddy: (When it comes to the hospital) Money vs. patients

Chase: Need for approval, daddy issues, ass kisser, paranoia, selfishness

Foreman: Need to always be right/be better then House, male ego, letting his past influence his views towards patients

Now, I admit some of these are touched on a lot by the fandom, but despite it they still adore the characters. But Cameron tries to be nice to a patient and hell no, oh no she didn't? To be fair:

Cameron: Mature about her emotions but not handling them, lets her past improve her dealings with patients, trouble letting go, poor self esteem [?], lets her emotions/past/dealings with patients influence her diagnosis/treatment, paranoia, persistance

So why is it that the fans are so split on her? What is it about Cameron that seperates her from the rest of the characters, and makes her such a big debate? Looking for some feedback, because that just makes no sense.

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Discussion time.

All righty, gang. Let's do the ever-present "who should House be with" discussion.

Is it Cameron, the plucky reason this community was created?

Stacy, the sultry ex-flame?


Chase, his 'lapdog'?


PS: Please pimp this discussion out to your friends. More people, more opinions, more fun. *g*
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dw - i&#39;m sorry my love

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The mods, while we are beautiful, intelligent wonderful people, do not have the expertise to uh, for the lack of a better term, 'pretticize' the community.

Please e-mail me if you are interested in contributing!
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Cameron as a Doctor

Well since no one seems to be starting anything, I'll start.

There has been many incidents over the past season and 9 episodes in which Cameron's emotions have interfered with her responsiblities as a doctor. However arguments have been made that her sensitivity and compassion makes her a better doctor than say Foreman or Chase. So the question is, is she a better doc because she's kind hearted and sympathetic or does is she too over emotional to be a good doctor?
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